Sunday, August 29, 2010

Looking for a new game to play on the PC?

Are you a fan of fast pace shooter games with mmorpg elements?

Then look no further. Global Agenda may be your answer.

Choose from 4 classes:

Assault - Heavy weapons (Grenade Launcher - Mini Gun - Rocket Launchers - Melee Axe)

Robotics - Build Turrets and stations to help your team, you also have access to an assortment of drones.

Recon - Sniper / Stealth Class.

Medic - Healer Class, or deadly assassin by use of Poisons.

Choose to play Mercenary (PVP) or Special OPS (PVE) with your teams. Join an agency, Experience Crafting.

And to top it off you can try it for free with the FREE TRIAL.

Let me know if you guys like it, i can provide you with a coupon off a purchase of the full retail game.

P.S. there is no monthly fees! :P

Friday, August 27, 2010

Favorite Beers - First Edition

Having just turned 21 this year i have made it a conquest to find great beers from around the world. so far this journey has brought me to Paulaner Salvator, and Paulaner Oktoberfest. I wont pretend to know all the lingo that goes with describing beer, but i highly suggest giving this a try. it has fantastic flavor.

(P.S. Eat it with schnitzel, potato salad, and sausage! =D)

Woke up this morning to find a new google feature.

Apparently google now offers a Phone service sort of like skype, just a bare bones version. I called my cell phone and it came in pretty good. Currently you can call anywhere in the US for free, and that lasts until 2010 ends.

Southern California Heatwave 8/27/10 updated

Residents of Southern California as well as much of the southwest has been feeling a little hot lately with temps soaring into the 110's in the IE Valley. Fortunately a cool down is coming! YAY!!! By Saturday temps should drop 20-30 degrees. Stay Safe people and have a great weekend.

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