Sunday, August 29, 2010

Looking for a new game to play on the PC?

Are you a fan of fast pace shooter games with mmorpg elements?

Then look no further. Global Agenda may be your answer.

Choose from 4 classes:

Assault - Heavy weapons (Grenade Launcher - Mini Gun - Rocket Launchers - Melee Axe)

Robotics - Build Turrets and stations to help your team, you also have access to an assortment of drones.

Recon - Sniper / Stealth Class.

Medic - Healer Class, or deadly assassin by use of Poisons.

Choose to play Mercenary (PVP) or Special OPS (PVE) with your teams. Join an agency, Experience Crafting.

And to top it off you can try it for free with the FREE TRIAL.

Let me know if you guys like it, i can provide you with a coupon off a purchase of the full retail game.

P.S. there is no monthly fees! :P


  1. fawlah ma plz! :D